Thursday, November 29, 2007

live rock is on a roll

We've never had it so good. Old concert halls to reopen amid live music boom.

Even Oxford now has a "Carling Academy" where people appear whom I might actually want to see. Even though I admit that the 4 gigs I went to see in the last 18 months were all by Shakira. I think over the last 5 years I saw 12 major concerts (of which no more than 6 were Shakira's, so come on, it's not that bad!). The other six headliners were Kelis, Jem, Xtina, Alanis, Avril, oops, either I'm forgetting one or there were only 5 others.

Well, anyhow, it is exciting to have so much live music going on around here, even if I tend to pick only a very small set of artists from the broad spectrum offered ...

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