Thursday, March 20, 2008

five years on

Five years of war and mayhem in Iraq, what a depressing anniversary. Around this time in 2003, I ran a preliminary kind of blog (without the proper tools) called "Cassandra's Diary" raging against all this, just as a way of stopping myself from pulling my hair out.

Oh well. let's look at the bright side -- if this invasion had worked, they would have invaded two or three other countries by now. Iraq is bearing the cross to save the world from the neocons, if I am allowed a seasonal metaphor ...

PS in those days, 2001 through to 2003, Seumas Milne was the editor of the comments pages in the Guardian, which more than once were the last island of sanity in a mad world. He's no longer in charge, but he's written a commentary on the anniversary.

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