Saturday, June 21, 2008

a fine frenzy

Have received the CD of A Fine Frenzy (in real life a young woman called Alison Sudol), and love it to bits. Spine-tingling, under the skin, and all that. Intriguing lyrics, too. Still haven't worked out where the title, One cell in the sea, comes from. Sounds like marine biology to me.

All thanks to MySpace, of course -- if I check out new artists there and find I like the 4 or 5 samples on their profile a lot, then it's definitely safe to order the CD. Just on the strength of the single (almost lover) I might not have taken the risk.

Not quite so enthusiastic about the new opus from Alanis (flavors of entanglement), but it's listenable all right, and I guess it will grow on me over time.

Really looking forward to the Kat de Luna album, 9 lives, due out this summer. Oh, and the Rihanna Live DVD is out as well, which is great fun to watch. I'm kicking myself for missing her tour. The DVD was recorded at Manchester (or Man-Chester as Rihanna likes to say), and the docu at Ischgl, where we used to go skiing back in the days.

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