Tuesday, August 19, 2008

romero de torres

In 2005, I spent a few days in Cordoba and found out about the painter Julio Romero de Torres (1874-1930), who barely ever left his home town and is thus very famous there and quite unknown in the rest of the world.

Until recently, he didn't even have a Wikipedia entry, but now somebody (not me) fixed this, so he's now here.

Sadly, Wikimedia has no free images of his paintings, but you can easily find them using Google images. The picture of the topless lady carrying four oranges adorned our hotel room, but I reckon that it was a (painted) copy, not the original.

Apart from the very characteristic mood of his paintings, I was also intrigued by the faces. People in the area still look a lot like his models did. In the streets of Cordoba I often had the impression of seeing somebody who just stepped out of a painting by Romero de Torres.

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