Wednesday, December 31, 2008

favourite books of 2008

As everybody's end-of-year recommendation lists seem to be different from my experience, here is what I most enjoyed reading this year:


Deadly companions

The drunkard's walk


Fiction (not brand new but reasonably recent):

El pergamino de la seduccion
K - the art of love
El cristo feo

Oh, and I also enjoyed Germany's No. 1 Bestseller of the year, Feuchtgebiete, a fictionalised exploration of the humid areas of the female anatomy. I haven't reviewed this one, but was intrigued by the thought that the author is originally from England (High Wycombe? or somewhere similarly implausible and not too far from here!) and moved to Germany as a child. So I wondered what her take on the taboos she smashed with this book would have been, had she grown up here.

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