Thursday, February 26, 2009

current protein and peptide science

In the old days, I used to be on the advisory board of the Journal

Current Protein and Peptide Science

and I also contributed two reviews to it. However, I never managed to get my access to the online journal working, so I am very pleased that I have now, at last, received pdf files of my reviews:

Groß M (2000): Current Protein and Peptide Science 1, 339-347
Proteins that convert from alpha helix to beta sheet: Implications for folding and disease

Gross M (2004): Current Protein and Peptide Science 5, No. 4, 213-223
Emergency services: An bird's eye perspective on the many different functions of stress proteins

They may be a bit dusty by now, but if anyone is still interested, I'll be happy to send the pdfs.

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