Saturday, June 25, 2011

hidden treasures

After the most-viewed flickr pix, here now a selection of the least-viewed and underappreciated. There are quite a few flowers, such as this tulip with dew drops:


water fountains, like this one at Barcelona:

Plaça de Catalunya by night

pedestrian bridges, like this one in Amiens:


and our local bumblebees, such as this one:


Some of the other bumblebee pictures are in double figure views only because I posted specific links on twitter - this adds 10-15 views in a minute.

But maybe I just haven't found the right flickr groups yet to promote these types of photos ? Some of the highly specific groups I'm in, specialising on windows, pedestrian bridges, fountains, etc. seem to have little effect.

Anyhow, a set of my hidden treasures is here.

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