Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The strange case of ... Halestorm

I’ve only discovered Halestorm very recently, coming across the video for Love Bites on Kerrang and loving the frantic energy of it. My closest reference point is Within Temptation, whose complete works I love and cherish. Viewed from that direction, Halestorm is a different kind of offering. Where Sharon’s soprano floats etherically above the metal grumble, Lzzy mostly sticks to the lower registers that are mixing right within the instrumental sounds and doesn’t stand out so much. What makes the metal tracks irresistible for me is the mix of crazy energy and bad girl swagger in the lyrics (as witnessed even in the titles, such as: you call me a bitch like it’s a bad thing). The ballads are perfectly nice as rock ballads, though some of them (eg here’s to us) sound like melodies I have heard before.

In other music news, I also ordered “Best intentions” by We are the in crowd at the same time and have played that CD a few times, but find it less addictive. Nothing wrong with it really, I don’t mind playing it, it’s just it doesn’t blow me away.

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