Sunday, January 25, 2015

organs on chips

The slightly delayed January issue of Chemistry & Industry includes my feature on chip-sized microfluidic models of human organs, mainly based on the amazing work that's been done at the Wyss Institute at Harvard in recent years. This may well revolutionise medicine and make animal testing redundant.

Chips with everything
Chemistry & Industry January 2015, pp 28-31
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Image: Harvard's Wyss Institute

In the same issue, there is also my review of the book

The burning answer: a user’s guide to the solar revolution
by Keith Barnham (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2014)

The solar revolution
Chemistry & Industry January 2015, pp 48-49
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Here's a snippet from my (long essay) review:

"In fact, Barnham delivers three books for the price of one: a popular science book on the historic developments that led to our current energy technologies, then the “user’s guide” of the subtitle, an analysis of the present day situation in the renewable energy vs. climate change field complete with a manifesto for the revolution, and finally a look at what should and might happen in those crucial 15 years ahead of us, which may well decide the long-term success of our civilisation."

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