Monday, January 25, 2016

world under water

I'm not known for talking about the weather, even less to write about it, but with all that climate change going on and our civilisation not being able to either avert it or to adapt to it, I do have to deal with weather news more often than I would like to. The last couple of months have seen some more of those exceptional, once in a century flood disasters that seem to be coming round every year these days, and nicely timed to fit in with the COP21 conference at Paris. So I rolled up all the flooding news and climate policy into one dripping wet feature, which is now out in Current Biology:

World under water
Current Biology Volume 26, Issue 2, 25 January 2016, Pages R47–R50
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We have been spared significant flooding so far this winter, but this is a photo of the cycle path that normally enables us to go into town, under water in November 2012. (Own photo via flickr.)

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