Monday, February 22, 2016

gender transitions

Transgender people have often featured in the news recently, including famous ones going public and less fortunate ones suffering to the point that they are driven to suicide. Personally, I find virtually nothing in the stereotypical view of maleness that I could identify with, and thus have huge sympathy for everybody who tries to escape the box that society puts them in, but I have struggled to understand why so many people would choose to take drastic measures to fit into a different, equally restricting box. If I've learned one thing from researching this topic, it's that the whole situation around our sexes and gender concepts is much more complicated than traditional world-views would have us believe.

The results of this learning experience are now published in today's issue of Current Biology:

Transitions to new concepts of gender
Current Biology Volume 26, Issue 4, pR141–R143, 22 February 2016

FREE access to full text.

Laverne Cox, transgender actress and LGBT advocate. Image source: Wikipedia

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