Wednesday, January 30, 2019

science news 30.1.2019

Today's round-up of science stories. Links are normally to press releases on EurekAlert (at the bottom end I may also add a couple of newspaper stories). I include quotes from the summary (using quotation marks) in cases where the title alone doesn't reveal what the story is about.


Earth's continental nurseries discovered beneath mountains

environment and climate change

China's regulations unsuccessful in curbing methane emissions

Cattle urine's planet-warming power can be curtailed with land restoration

Plastic pollution causes mussels to lose grip


Long-necked dinosaurs rotated their forefeet to the side
Dances with dinosaurs ...

These are well preserved footprints of the find site in Morocco, with clearly visible claw impressions.

© Foto: The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology


Anemones are friends to fish
"A new study sheds light on the coral reef ecosystem and suggests many species of fish rely on anemones to avoid predators."

Why do beaked whales return to a Navy sonar range despite frequent disturbance?
"Using data from underwater robots, scientists have discovered that beaked whales prefer to feed within parts of a Navy sonar test range off Southern California that have dense patches of deep-sea squid. A new study published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, shows that beaked whales need these prey hotspots to survive, and that similar patches do not exist in nearby 'sonar-free' areas."


Columbia engineers translate brain signals directly into speech

Study identifies biomedical potential of bivalves
"Shellfish like oysters and mussels have the potential to revolutionize human health research, according to a new paper in Developmental and Comparative Immunology. The study reveals how using bivalves as model organisms offers numerous promising avenues for medical research -- from pharmaceutical development to bone regeneration."


Meet the quantum fridge -- at 3 atoms in size, it's much smaller than a minibar


From the news media

Lions switch to seafood diet, reports the Guardian

your brain on LSD

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