Monday, October 05, 2020

sick of climate change

Today's issue of Current Biology includes a special section "The Microbial World". My contribution to the section looks into the effects of climate change on the ecology of pathogens. Amphibians are the canaries in the coalmine for this one, as they don't control their body temperature and changes in environmental temperature make them vulnerable to fungal infections that are already causing extinctions. But potentially climate-induced human diseases are also being investigated.

Disease in the times of climate change

Current Biology Volume 30, Issue 19, 05 October 2020, Pages R1104-R1106

Restricted access to full text and PDF download
(Actually, it is open right now as part of the special issue, but I suspect that this will change once the next issue appears in two weeks time. In that case, it will become open access again one year after publication)

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(first seven weeks only)

Other goodies in the special issue include a primer on the phyllosphere (the above-ground microbiome of plants) by Britt Koskella and a quick guide to giant viruses by Chantal Abergel.

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