Monday, April 27, 2009


On my recent trip to Germany I also spent two days at Cologne with my son, who likes to walk a lot, especially in cities and along rivers. Shame he doesn't like museums though. Thanks to him I've seen a lot more of Cologne than I have on previous visits. For instance I hadn't seen the lovers' padlocks on the Hohenzollern Bridge (the railway bridge directly adjacent to the main station) before -- there are hundreds of them and some have dates in the 1990s, so it must have been a while since I last crossed that bridge as a pedestrian:

For the nerdy among us, it is intriguing how the locks accumulate at places which are special points in the geometry of the bridge, e.g. under the maxima of the arches, and at the point where the two arches meet.

And here's the postcard view from the Deutzer Brücke:

For more pix visit my view profile. I do like view -- one of the pix I uploaded last week has clocked up nearly 800 page views by now!

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