Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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During all those train travels in the Easter holidays, I checked the page proofs of the German edition of my platypuses, which is due to appear in September under the title:

Der Kuss des Schnabeltiers

Haven't got a cover design yet, but watch this space.

meanwhile, the publishers sent me a press release from Singapore, which apparently made it into the ADOI magazine in Malaysia. Here's the PR:

For Immediate Release

Media Contact:

Alina Boey

(+65) 96565580

Crazy, Sexy and Cool…Science? New book says it is so!

Singapore¾April 27, 2009¾ The words ‘sexy’ and ‘cool’ rarely go hand in hand with the discipline of science – a serious subject in itself. However, science has been given a new persona in Michael Gross’s new book, The Birds, the Bees and the Platypuses: Crazy, Sexy and Cool Stories from Science. Published by Wiley-VCH, this impressive collection of science stories proves that science is a cultural pursuit just as rich and varied as literature and music.

With his distinctive prose style and wit, author Michael Gross presents his favorite science stories from his seven years as a hobby reporter and eight as a science writer in this brilliant popular science book.

“It is the sheer craziness of unanticipated discoveries or grotesquely oversized challenges that still tempt me to revisit a topic and reread an article again and again. In other stories, there is a sexy element or an unexpected insight into the human condition. And sometimes, when reporting news and future technologies, I just can’t help thinking “Cooooool!””, Gross said.

As stated at the outset, The Birds, the Bees and the Platypuses: Crazy, Sexy and Cool Stories from Science assembles breathtaking scientific innovations and findings sorted under the headings of crazy, sexy and cool. Crazy stories include the weird, unexpected and simply crazy ideas that scientists come across- although quite often enough end up being useful. Sexy stories revolve around the topic of sex, but sometimes also about other human obsessions. Lastly, cool stories are mostly about cool inventions, devices, gizmos and gimmicks.

Relying on some of the best materials in the history of science, Gross accompanies each article with an introductory paragraph to explain the genius of the story and infuses his own brand of humor and character into this collection. He adds, “Science in the last decade has been anything but boring. With every new answer that researchers work out, a host of new questions are likely to arise, providing an endless supply of crazy, sexy and cool findings.”

Media wishing to receive a review copy should contact Alina Boey, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at or phone 65-96565580.

About the book
The Birds, the Bees and the Platypuses: Crazy, Sexy and Cool Stories from Science

By Michael Gross

Cloth; ISBN: 798-3-527-32287-9; 259 pp.; S$61.95; May 2008

Additional information on the book is also available at

publisher's page

... and, of course, here

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