Tuesday, June 09, 2009

oxford laid bare

... or almost. The news today is that Oxford students have released a charity calendar with "nude" pictures of, well, Oxford students. Health warning: as always in this country, "nude" means that no specific anatomic details are visible. The rule is that children must not find out that women have nipples, or else civilisation will come to an end. So in this spirit, the students have shown as much as they can in their Oxford Undressed TravelAid Charity Calendar, but a few burning questions remain.

* Did they really take the outdoors pix in the locations shown, or did they shoot the locations and then photoshopped naked students in? I have a horrible suspicion that it may be the latter. Next time I want to be invited to the photoshoot to testify that the pix are for real.

* The woman holding the cello in the string quartett picture is anything but a cellist. I can spot about 10 mistakes in her posture and and the way she holds the instrument and the bow. My daughter's cello teacher would have a heart attack if any of her students sat down with a cello like that, let alone pretended to play it like that. (and believe me, I have seen a naked cellist before!)

* The library shot looks like the library where I often work, I wonder when they took that one ?

I think I'll survive without this calendar, for some better photos I recommend:
VIEW fotocommunity.

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Michael said...

another case of a strange nipple-less female appears here:


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