Monday, August 17, 2009

new spin on ESR

I have a feature article on ESR out in last week's edition of Chemistry & Industry (check out their new website!). While my previous effort on this field was focused on Oxford's research centre, CAESR, this one also covers ESR centres at Cornell and Zurich.

A new spin on ESR
Chemistry & Industry No 15, 10.8.2009, pp 21-23

While the Oxford piece is open access, the C&I one is premium content, I'm afraid. So you'd need to be a member of the SCI or have institutional access of some kind. Or find a hardcopy in your library. Or be very nice to me.

Abstract is free, though:
They may be investigating topics as diverse as bird migration or quantum information processing, protein structure and hydrogen storage materials, but what links the research of nearly a dozen groups across the science departments at the University of Oxford is electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy. Until recently, this technique was the domain of a small circle of chemists specialising on electron spin, but the advent of user-friendly instrumentation and of interdisciplinary research centres has broadened the user base considerably.

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