Thursday, August 20, 2009

people watching

(Third and final part of my Parisian impressions)

Climbing up the Montmartre hill in search of Amélie vistas, all we could actually see was people photographing each other. I wonder how they made the movie, did they have the area cleared by force beforehand ?

Never mind Sacré Coeur, the main attraction at the top was a guy doing tricks with a football while standing on a plinth over the steep descent towards central Paris:

which is of course compelling to watch mainly because you realise that if he drops the ball, he may have to run all the way down to Place Pigalle to get it back. He never did drop it though.

On the way down we saw Picasso's first atelier in Paris, but I haven't got a picture of that. Finishing off by the riverside where we started, here is a view of the beautiful backside of Notre Dame, as seen from upstream:

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Notre Dame?

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