Wednesday, June 16, 2010

finding the sculpture inside the tree

Last week I had a very interesting chat with a local artist, Dominique Lussier, who showed me some of the sculptures he's produced from wood, which he gets locally from tree surgeons. So branches cut off from people's cherry trees might turn into something like this:

(untitled - photo courtesy of the artist)

He very much works with the natural grain and structures of the wood, which often results in a mixture of abstract and human or animal forms, or a combination of art and nature, so to speak.

I really like the work, and the way he interprets the natural fabric of the wood (or liberates the sculpture inside, as Michelangelo famously said), my only problem is I don't have space to put up a sculpture. Oxford Colleges have a bit more space, so you can admire some of his work at Keble (in the Sloane Robinson Building) and at Wolfson.

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