Wednesday, March 14, 2012

7 days in Havana

I'm hoping to catch Julio Medem's latest work, which is a seventh of the 7-episodes film 7 days in Havana, at some time this year. Medem's contribution is the Wednesday, and it's called La tentación de Cecilia. Am a bit nervous as his last two feature films didn't get cinematic releases in the UK, but let's wait and see.

UPDATE 21.7.2012): in theory, the film was released in the UK at the beginning of July, but a check at our local indpendent cinema revealed they are planning to show it "off-release" i.e. later ...

In the meantime we can enjoy the rather lovely official website of the film co-sponsored by my favourite rum, Havana Club. What's not to like?

Just keeping all limbs crossed and hoping that I actually get to see the movie.

official poster of the movie

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