Monday, February 11, 2019

ocean minded

Open Archive Day

Quite a few of the lovely people I meet through music happen to be scientist. For instance, I regularly get to play with a dinosaur expert (really should do something about them!), as well as the Halley professor of physics (clearly I haven't done Oxford right, they never offered me a named chair!). On a slightly less advanced level, I met Laura, who used satellite surveillance to study compliance with regulations protecting the marine environment, and wrote a feature about her work at OceanMind, which is based in Harwell, near Oxford. I was very lucky that I caught her when I did, because she left the company soon after to seek other opportunities in Spain.

Marine protected areas remain a very important topic though and satellites are a powerful tool to watch over them, so I suppose the article remains relevant this year, and it is now on open access:

Eyes on our planet

Satellites like the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-1B are routinely used to observe global change and police national and international rules of environmental and wildlife protection. (Image: © ESA-Pierre Carril.)

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