Friday, February 01, 2019

science news 1.2.2019

Today's selection of science news. Links are normally to press releases on EurekAlert (at the bottom end I may also add a couple of newspaper stories). I include quotes from the summary (using quotation marks) in cases where the title alone doesn't reveal what the story is about.


Ancient asteroid impacts played a role in creation of Earth's future continents

Membraneless protocells could provide clues to formation of early life

New research uses Curiosity rover to measure gravity on Mars


Earth's largest extinction event likely took plants first
That's the Permian-Triassic extinction 252 million years ago.

Iguana-sized dinosaur cousin discovered in Antarctica
250 million years ago, just after the extinction above.

Ancient pandas weren't exclusive bamboo eaters, bone evidence suggests


Waters west of Europe drive ocean overturning circulation, key for regulating climate


The 100 Australian plant species facing extinction

Citizen scientists discover pinhead-sized beetle in Borneo

The newly discovered species of leaf beetle, Clavicornaltica belalongensis.
Credit: Taxon Expeditions - Pierre Escoubas


Medical cannabis relieves symptoms in children with autism


Mean streets: Self-driving cars will 'cruise' to avoid paying to park
Ban them now, that's the solution.


from the news media:

print your own Rodin sculpture (I'd rather have the kiss than the thinker, though!)

Britain's earliest evidence of beer discovered

The evil things that cruise ships get up to

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