Wednesday, August 08, 2007

toda la vida

-- ¿ Y hasta cuándo cree usted que podemos seguir en este ir y venir del carajo?
-- le preguntó.
Florentino Ariza tenía la respuesta preparada desde hacía cincuenta y tres años, siete meses y once días con sus noches.
-- Toda la vida -- dijo.

This is of course the ending of El amor en los tiempos del colera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I hear it's been turned into a movie by Mike Newell (who did 4 weddings and a funeral and one of the Harry potter movies), for more details check the

I'm a bit worried that it appears to be in English, even though most of the cast are from a spanish speaking background. but let's see.

Good news though is that Shakira appears to have contributed several songs to the soundtrack, so I'll have to see the movie ...

Oh, the quote from the end of the book, by the way, was featured in a web page I made ages ago and haven't touched in more than 6 years. I was amazed to see that it's still online:

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