Saturday, August 04, 2007

If you found this blog via my domain name, you may be surprised to have ended up here, but don't worry, the content is the same in the various incarnations of my blog.

The thing is that the geocities (red-top) version of the blog, to which the domain name used to point, still doesn't accept comments, and is rather dull in that I cannot put links, pix, etc. around the blog. So I'm now making the blogspot version the main edition of my blog. The direct address is

However, if you're after an older blog entry, try the yahoo 360 version, which has a lovely calendar tool, where you can move the mouse over the calendar dates and the corresponding titles of blog entries pop up. This version is here:
and it has the complete archive of 245+ blog posts since May 2006.

Oh, and the busiest version in terms of page views and comments is in MySpace:

For the time being, these 3 will receive the same content, so pick whatever format you prefer.

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