Thursday, September 20, 2007

great interviews

The Guardian is running a series of brochures this week with "the greatest interviews of the 20th century". So far I failed to see the point of the exercise, but I think I'll read and keep today's interview.

And talking about interviews, I came across this author who interviewed more than 100 inspirational women, trying to work out their "secret". Most of them can claim to be the first woman to be one thing or do some other thing. Not sure there is a secret though, but I reckon the interviews should be interesting.

secrets of inspirational women

I hate the first title of the book, though. Someone should have noticed that the concept of "serial" is included in the word "womaniser", and most people will overlook that it's confessions to, rather than of.

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Drizinha said...

long time no talk! how r ya?

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