Monday, September 24, 2007

science on show

I learned from this week's issue of Nature that not only is the MIT opening up a new science museum, but also I know the director:

Real science on show p283
The revamped museum at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will offer the public access to science in action, as more museums should, argues director John Durant.

John Durant


In fact, John Durant was one of the popular science gurus I talked to at the crucial point in my life when I was wondering whether to stick with research or to switch to writing full time, as I then did. I had contacted him at the Science Museum, London, as I was also wondering whether I could get into some kind of interactive science communication work, as they do there.

His advice was to either stick in there, and reach out; or to write a bestseller to be independent enough to continue writing full time.

Well, I tried the second route, with Light and Life being my potential best seller, but it didn't sell any better than the previous two books ...

Anyways, the new museum opens on Sept. 29 and I'm sure that whatever he's set up at MIT will be exciting ...

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