Wednesday, July 23, 2008

9 lives

I'm playing Kat de Luna's debut album "9 lives" on closed loop rather loudly, and before the neighbours turn up and remove some of my 9 lives, I should try to write something sensible about it.

While not quite perfect (it's quite clear which tracks are killers, and which are fillers), I think it is remarkable as a debut. Imagine Christina Aguilera skipping the "genie in a bottle" phase and doing "stripped" with Daddy Yankee providing the rhythm section. There's an interesting mix of various musical styles from the caribbean and further afield, and Kat's got first writing credit on all tracks but one. Here's definitely somebody to watch.

I usually skip the cringe-worthy spoken intro, though, which also reminded me of Stripped, and which I don't really want to hear 10 times a day (do I hear somebody banging on the door with a sledgehammer ?)

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