Friday, July 11, 2008

platypuses hit the US

Officially, the US edition of my new book, The birds, the bees, and the platypuses, is due to hit the shops on Monday (July 14), but I just checked and found out that have it in stock already.

They sell it for $ 33 with free delivery, so get one now, and one for your auntie, one for your friend ...

Here's the fantastic blurb again, for those who haven't seen it yet:

Michael Gross has been writing about science full time for the last eight years and as a night time hobby for the previous seven. From his treasure troves, he now presents his favourite science stories from these 15 years. What are the attractions that make him revisit a topic or reread an article again and again? Often, it’s the sheer craziness of wildly unexpected findings or grotesquely oversized challenges. In other stories, there is a sexy element or a an unexpected insight into the human condition. And sometimes, when reporting new and future technologies, the author just can’t help thinking: “cooooooool!” So here are more than 60 crazy, sexy and cool science stories for you to enjoy.

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