Thursday, May 28, 2009

biofuels etc.

In the current issue of Chemistry & Industry (No. 10, page 30), there is my review of the book:

Biocatalysis and Bioenergy by Ching T. Hou and Jei-Fu Shaw, eds.
J.Wiley, 2008

which is essentially a volume of conference proceedings about biofuels and other biological resources.

Here's a snippet:

This monograph, emerging from a conference held in Taiwan in 2006, assembles reviews mainly on bioethanol, biodiesel, and other products made either with biocatalysts or from renewable resources. The latter comprise about half the length of the book, leaving a third of the space for diesel and just a sixth for bioethanol. In marked contrast to the public debates over biofuels, food, and climate change, these research reviews are very much from the grassroots of the field, giving even the smallest technical problems due attention.

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