Monday, May 18, 2009

music news

my crystal ball tells me there will be two new albums by Shakira out this year, one in English and one in Spanish. The only specific date available so far is on -- they cite September 25th as the release date for an as yet un-named album. Instead of the cover design they show this:

which is of course an ancient picture from the famous pirate photoshoot, but, hey, as a spaceholder it's good enough.

So watch this space.

In other music news, Within Temptation have announced an "unplugged and seated" tour in smallish theatres in NL and Belgium next spring (see below). Have booked my ticket already.

Rerun theatre tour 2010!

We have great news! After receiving great responses on our sold out theatre tour in 2008, we decided to do a rerun of this tour, so you'll still have the opportunity to attend these special seated concerts. During these shows we will be playing a lot of our songs in an acoustic version and we'll have special lighting and visual effects. The tour will cover 17 shows in The Netherlands and Belgium.

These are the dates!

03-04-2010 Stadsschouwburg Middelburg, Middelburg, The Netherlands.
07-04-2010 Twentse Schouwburg, Enschede, The Netherlands
08-04-2010 Philharmonie, Haarlem, The Netherlands
09-04-2010 Stadsschouwburg Sittard-Geleen, Sittard, The Netherlands
11-04-2010 De Oosterpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands
12-04-2010 Nieuwe Luxor Theater, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
13-04-2010 Stadsschouwburg Orpheus, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
14-04-2010 Theater Heerlen, Heerlen, The Netherlands
16-04-2010 Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
17-04-2010 Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
18-04-2010 Theater aan de Parade, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
20-04-2010 Vredenburg, Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht, The Netherlands
21-04-2010 Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands
23-04-2010 Concertgebouw de Vereeniging, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
24-04-2010 Theater De Meenthe, Steenwijk, The Netherlands
26-04-2010 Koningklijk Theater Carré, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
28-04-2010 Koningin Elisabethzaal, Antwerpen, Belgium

Check our tour schedule for the dates the venues will pre-sale tickets. These will be our first live shows after a long period of writing and recording. We are already looking forward to see you again!

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