Friday, January 15, 2010

cognitive enhancers -- the next war on drugs?

No German publications out in January, but there's one left to report for December, which only got printed late in the month and thus arrived here in the new year.

Together with Claudia Borchard-Tuch, I wrote the title topic of the current issue of Trillium Report, dealing with cognitive enhancement (i.e. drugs that healthy people take to boost their mental performance). While she handled the medical side, I had a go at the political aspects, and the risk of new drugs being made available illegally and thus starting a new version of the failed "war on drugs". While I'm not wildly enthusiastic about cognitive enhancers, I think sensible legislation is needed to avoid a rerun of the drugs disaster.

Read my article here:
Trillium-Report 7, Nr 4, 164-5
Drogenkrieg 2.0: Vom Schlafmohn zum Leistungskampf

PDF download (intro and CBT's article only)

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