Tuesday, July 28, 2009

climate change special

Today's issue of Current Biology is a special issue on "Biology and Climate Change", and very exceptionally I have two pieces back to back in the magazine section at the front.

First there is a news feature on climate change policies and debates in the US, UK, China, and Germany ahead of the climate change summit in Copenhagen:

Climate crunch year
As countries around the world prepare for the crucial climate change conference in December, China tries to boost its green investment, Germany debates the pros and cons of carbon sequestration, the US debate a groundbreaking energy bill, and the UK counts the cost of mitigating climate change in the developing world.
Current Biology, Volume 19, Issue 14, R537-R539, 28 July 2009
PDF file (restricted access)

The second is about an Earthwatch industry partnership to investigate how mangroves in Kenya can help mitigate the effects of climate change:

At the frontline
Mangroves are at the frontline in the fight against the consequences of climate change.
Current Biology, Volume 19, Issue 14, R539-R540, 28 July 2009
PDF file (restricted access)

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