Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Copenhagen conference reframed

As I mentioned earlier, I learned lots of interesting things at the Copenhagen conference on Framing Research.

Some of it I reframed as a news feature for Current Biology, which appeared last Tuesday and is available here (restricted access, but email me if you want a copy).

Another item published while I was away is my review of:

A short guide to the human genome,
by Stewart Scherer

This is in Chemistry & Industry, issue 13, 13.7.2009, page 30


In his “short guide”, Stuart Scherer has addressed around 80 such questions, using the available database tools and the published literature to give today’s best estimates, pinning the genome and its proteins down as precisely as possible. Regarding the number of genes in our genome, his answers range from 18,357 to 25,685. Each of these “genome FAQs” is addressed in a very short chapter of just one to four pages, often presenting the answer in the form of a table or graph, together with an explanation of how the results were obtained and what factors still limit their precision.

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