Saturday, July 18, 2009

olives and lemons

I'm back from a very quick TGV visit to my relatives in Provence, have uploaded a few pictures to my VIEW profile, mainly impressions from Avignon, where the festival was in full swing and theatre was spilling over into the streets to an extent that made it really difficult to work out where the theatrical ended and real life began. Now was that a real street sweeper with the rubbish trolley over there, or an actor wheeling a prop around?

olives at Nyons, not far from the world centre for olive cultivation.

Near the Pont du Gard, an olive tree which looks as if it might be nearly as old as the famous aquaeduct

More impressions to follow ...

1 comment:

Peps said...

Lovely photos, Michael.
Again, I'm green with envy :P
Looking forward to more photos!


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