Tuesday, July 24, 2007

goat milk v. chemical weapons

human Butyrylcholinesterase is a promising antidote against chemical weapons like sarin, but its production from human serum is of course not a viable route to reasonable amounts. Researchers have now succeeded in breeding transgenic goats that provide large amountes of the antidote in their milk.
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Drizinha said...

bueno tengo dos preguntas que hacerte.
1)WHERE DID YOU FIND MY BLOG?!!! en verdad dime donde y como, por lo general nunca lo hago tan publico.
2) Aun no entiendo como es que ya no tienes myspace? porfa explicame. thanks :D

have a good day

Drizinha said...

Ahh y muchas gracias por lo de las fotos, que lastima que mi profesor no piense q soy tan buena tomando fotos.


jejeje chao, besos.

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