Friday, July 13, 2007


well, the title of this program is a little bit wishful thinking -- popular music from Germany doesn't export all that well. But the nice people at Deutsche Welle TV aren't giving up all that easily, so every 2 weeks they broadcast half an hour of what's hip between Hamburg and Munich to a global audience, both in German, and in a strange mid-Atlantic version of English.,,7855,00.html
And after 14 years abroad, I have to say I do rely on this service to retain at least a vague idea of what's going on over there.
Plus, occasionally, there is a real success story to report -- some act taking off to the million-selling stratosphere without warning (and sometimes without any notable success in the home market).
So, wanna guess who the biggest German pop export of the last years is ?
have a look at the CD below (and no, I don't own it, it's not quite my style, but I do like some of the videos!)

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