Saturday, July 28, 2007

pop rock made in Germany

recently I reported that dance act Cascada -- somewhat surprisingly -- had become the biggest pop export from Germany in this decade. However, this may soon change, as teenage phenomenon Tokio Hotel, who have played pop-rock in German so far, have released their first English language video (ready, set, go) in the UK. In the last couple of days, it has popped up on B4 several times, and apparently it is at the top of the MTV Flux charts (though I have no idea who fluxes these charts.

Anyhow, lock up your teenagers, or they might end up copying that hairstyle ...

Here's the band's MySpace page:

Oh, the music is OK, by the way. I was slightly disappointed in the beginning when I found out that the singer was a boy, but other than that, if they are going to conquer the world, it's fine by me.

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