Friday, July 27, 2007

miscellaneous press clippings

I found myself in total agreement with this comment that appeared today:
The least useful reaction to terrorism is to dismiss it as an inscrutable evil
A blind faith in the moral superiority of our own way of life will only hinder efforts to tackle violent extremism Jenni Russell Friday July 27, 2007 The Guardian
Full text:,,2135876,00.html
but the most depressing thing is that it actually needs spelling out and writing down. I find it blindingly obvious and always have (at least since growing up in the no less hysterical situation of 1970s terrorism in Germany!).
Then, something completely unrelated but uplifting:
Eight Americans graduate in boost for Cuban health care
· Students plan to use skills to treat poor people · Public relations coup for Castro government Rory Carroll, Latin America correspondent Thursday July 26, 2007 The Guardian
Eight US medical students pose for a graduation picture at the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, Cuba. Photograph: Javier Galeano/AP
Eight American students have graduated from a Cuban medical school after six years of free tuition, giving a fresh boost to the reputation of the communist government's health care system.
Full story:,,2134949,00.html

... and finally, I've spent the day hopping up and down in rage about the Lancet story re. the alleged link between cannabis and schizophrenia. Have fired off a letter to the Guardian about that, but should that fail to appear I will rage on some more about this in the next few days.

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