Monday, July 16, 2007

Max Perutz

I mentioned Georgina Ferry's upcoming biography of Max Perutz before. While I haven't seen it yet myself, the Guardian has published an advance review:,,2125615,00.html
To everybody involved with protein research, Perutz is a household name, of course, but it is to be hoped that the book will spread his fame to a wider audience.

Oh, and I would have very nearly done a blog about Rihanna's umbrella, and how it's spending it's 9th week at the top of the UK charts while we are enjoying the 9th week of rain, but others got there first, for instance:
and, yes, I too still love the song after nine weeks, even if the link with the weather conjures up the irrational fear that JayZee may be producing more than just music ...

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