Tuesday, April 15, 2008

any relatives of Rudolf Winderlich out there?

One of the perks of family history is that it washes up random bits and pieces that turn out to be quite amazing. We bought an old photo album from ebay to give our old family photos an appropriate home, but when the album arrived, it turned out to have photos in it already. As we don't want to throw away photos that might be valuable for someone, I started googling the names of the people shown. It turns out to be the family of a renowned scholar of the history and didactics of chemistry, Rudolf Winderlich (1876 - 1951). There are photos of him, his children, their spouses etc. If there's any Winderlich relative out there who can prove their connection by giving three of the names mentioned in the album, I'll be happy to send them the photos. (or indeed the album too, if they refund what we paid for it. The album does carry a dedication which might be of interest to the family.) Just leave a comment here. PS after checking the date of the dedication at the front of the album, I have come to the conclusion that the young persons in the album are more likely to be his siblings than his children.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, my name is Julia Winderlich and I found your comment on Rudolf Winderlich by chance (because I was bored and googeled myself). Actually, my Dad's name is Rudolf as well, but fortunately he is still alive (born 08-21-1943)and I don't know if the Rudolf from the photo album might be a relative of our family... Still, this is really curious. There aren't that many Winderlichs in Germany, so I guess we're all kind of related. My grandfathers name was Josef and my Grandmothers name was Josefa. My granddad died even before my birth in the 1950s and my granny died 2 years ago at the age of 92. I'm going to ask my dad if he knows any other Rudolf Winderlich, because somehow this family stuff is really interesting. I know way too little about my ancestors... Best regards, Julia from Munich/ Germany

Michael said...

Ja Wahnsinn. Ich helf mal ein bisschen mit, hier sind weitere Infos von meinem Vater:

Das Album hat Hugo Winderlich 1906 angefangen, vermutlich ebenso ein Bruder von Rudolf wie Otto; alle drei würde ich so mit Jahrgang 1885 ansetzen. Damit könnte einer der drei Julias Urgroßvater sein. Gleichgewichtig tritt die Familie Kaiser auf u.a. Apotheker mit Foto aus Halle.

Unknown said...

Dear Michael,

I happened upon your post while researching my family. Rudolf Winderlich is my great grandfather. One of his sons, Wolfgang is my grandfather. I have informed my mother, Inge about your search, and she is very excited to communicate with you about this photo album you have.

Michael said...

oooh. glad to hear (and sorry for the delay). If you're still interested, please email me: michaelgrr at yahoo dot co dot uk (gerne auch auf Deutsch, ich mache nur die ganze Familienforschung auf Englisch weil es dazu viel Interesse aus USA gibt)

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