Monday, June 06, 2022

fire and water

The Pantanal, a major wetlands region in the south of Brazil is gradually diminished by the sum of many planning decisions, conservation experts have said, and it is also suffering devastating fires as rainfall produced by the Amazon water pump are decreasing.

I've used these developments as an excuse for a broader roundup of wetland issues ranging from conservation through to restoration.

The resulting feature is out now:

Wetland worries

Current Biology Volume 32, Issue 11, 6 June 2022, Pages R495-R497

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See also my twitter thread with all this year's CB features.

In August 2020, wildfires devastated large parts of the Pantanal. This photo shows a Panthera Brazil team trying to save wooden bridges on the Transpantaneira road. (Photo: Fernando Tortato/Panthera.)

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