Wednesday, February 25, 2009

woods and trees

Earthwatch has set up 5 "Regional Climate Centres" to study the effects of climate change on local biotopes in north and south america, europe, india and china, in corporate partnership with the bank HSBC. It just happens that the European centre is based at Wytham Woods, a patch of woodland owned by the University of Oxford and used for research, so I dropped by for a visit and wrote a feature for Oxford Today which is out tomorrow:

Seeing the trees for the woods
Oxford Today 21, No 2 (Hilary 2009), 17-19.

Erratum: In the box "Ancient woodland with a modern focus", on page 18, the reference to a forthcoming book by Chris Perrins and Peter Savill has erroneously been converted into a byline. Just to clarify that these two are not responsible for this box, it's entirely mine.

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