Saturday, April 10, 2010

Henrich Tüselmann

Newly discovered documents show that the earliest known ancestor of the Düsselmann family (whose numerous descendants I've listed here) called himself Henrich Tüselmann (Tusselmann), and he was a miller at Dahlhausen, which is now a part of Bochum. He died 1770 at the age of 68. His first children appear to have been born at Strünkede, which today is part of Herne, and just a few kilometers north of Dahlhausen. In 1730 he married Anna Elisabeth Siepmanns (more Siepmann history). They had 10 sons (including my ancestor Georg Wilhelm Tusselmann / Düsselmann) and 3 daughters. She died 1788 aged 82. I was shocked to see the spelling with a T at the beginning - I had never even considered looking for that. It looks like there are 28 phonebook entries for Tüsselmann across Germany, most of them just a bit southwest of Bochum, in the districts of Mettmann and Wuppertal. For Tüselmann (only one s) there are even more (50), and the highest concentration of Tüselmann people is in Bochum and in the neighbouring Ennepe-Ruhr-district. PS the Düsselmanns are of course linked to the de la Strada family, and I am intrigued to see that my blog entry on the Stradas appears to attract quite a few readers via google searches. PPS Potential parents for Henrich Tüselman are Joh. Tusellman and Maria Arndts, who got married 30.11.1696 at Herne.

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