Thursday, June 21, 2012

flickr anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of my flickr photostream. Last year I ran a countdown of the most viewed items, but the chart looks still quite similar (viewers still seem to have an insatiable appetite for long-legged homo sapiens females, although these represent only a minority of my photos), so there's no need to repeat it. Suffice it to say that last year's number 4, showing a woman running in the park, has become the front runner by a long stretch ahead of last year's winner, and it keeps accumulating views. I have recently figured out that this is mainly due to people having fitness blogs on tumblr and similar sites, who very enthusiastically blog and reblog photos they find inspirational for their quest to get fit (see for instance one of my photos here).

As an alternative birthday celebration, I'm showing the most-commented-upon photo, which, somewhat surprisingly, shows a smurf:

painting smurf

So here's to the third year of sharing photos on flickr - still enjoying the experience very much. Do drop by if you can.

PS: my first upload

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