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science in Latin America

Ten years ago, when I set out as a full-time freelancer, I was hoping to make science in Latin America a geographic focus of my work. I set up a web portal called "ciencia sin fronteras" (the domain name is now used by somebody else for a different project), and I did cover some science stories over the years, but it didn't really take off.

I'm now hoping to revitalise this side of my work a little bit (although on a modest scale) by introducing a new tag for this blog, indicating all science news that is related to Latin America, i.e. both research performed there environmental issues that affect Latin America, like rainforest conservation. The tag is LA_ciencia (though blog entries will also be tagged by country).

To start things off, I I'm compiling here a list of some of the relevant pieces I have published over the last 6 years, sorted by country (will add items to the list as and when I remember them!):


  1. Gross M:
    Chemistry World 11.08. (online only)
    Hot chillis evolved to kill fungi
    [free access]


  1. Gross M:
    Current Biology 19, No 11 (09.06.), R427-28
    Embryonic development
    As the UK updates its pioneering Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, legal boundaries for research in the life sciences are redrawn in other countries as well.
    [restricted access]


  1. Groß M:
    Biologie in unserer Zeit 36, Nr 4, 17
    Humanevolution: Kolumbien nach Kolumbus
    An English version of this piece appears in The birds,the bees and the platypuses, page 154: Colombia after Columbus

Costa Rica

  1. Gross M:
    Current Biology 19, No 21 (17.11.), R965
    Coffee growers feel the heat
    Coffee and tea farmers already appear to be suffering from the effects of climate change.

    [abstract and restricted access to PDF]


  1. Groß M:
    Nachrichten aus der Chemie 52, Nr 7/8, 812-814
    Die zweite Revolution: Biotechnologie in Kuba


  2. Gross M:
    Current Biology 14, No 11, R401-R402
    Fighting isolation

  3. Gross M:
    Darwin No 2, 22-26
    Biotecnologie -- l'altra rivolucione cubana

  4. Gross M:
    Chemistry World 1, No 9, 19
    Cuba synthesises blockbuster vaccine

  5. Groß M:
    Spektrum der Wissenschaft Nr 10, 23
    Kommentar: Der Fall Kuba. Der Inselstaat konnte sich mit Biotechnologie aus der Isolation befreien.

  6. Groß M:
    Chemie in unserer Zeit 38, Nr 5, 306-307
    Biotechnologie in Kuba: Mangomittel gegen Altern und Aids

  7. Gross M:
    Chemistry World 1, No 11, 38Biotechnology: the second Cuban revolution

  8. --2005--

  9. Groß M:
    Biologie in unserer Zeit 35, Nr 4, 227
    Arzneimittelforschung: Impfstoffe aus Kuba

  10. Gross M:
    Chemistry & Industry No. 15 (01.08.), 16-17
    Fortress of success: Biotech companies in Cuba are making the best of what they have

  11. --2006--

  12. Gross M:
    Chemistry World 3 No. 1, 7
    Chemists queue up for Cuban collaboration

  13. Groß M:

    in unserer Zeit
    40, Nr 1, 68-71
    Kuba -- Improvisationstalent gefragt

  14. Gross M:
    Current Biology 16, No 3 (7.2.), R66-R67
    Cuban efforts bolstered

  15. Gross M:
    Oxford Today 18, No 3 (Trinity 2006),
    Chemistry in Cuba

  16. Gross M:
    Chemistry World No 10, 23 (online: 4.9.)
    Antibodies in the greenhouse

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