Monday, June 28, 2010

shakira at glastonbury

... haven't found any good video, but here's a nice photo from

With her playing in broad daylight and the rather undefined setting, where you can never tell which people are actually listening and which ones are just standing around in a field, I thought it looked more like a dress rehearsal for the upcoming tour.


Pearl said...

Hey Michael,
Have you seen Shakira's video for the World Cup?
I just saw it, its pretty good!
She's so talented.

Michael said...

hey, yes I found that one online - seems like music channels and radio stations here are boycotting Waka Waka. Too much football in the vid for my taste, but I love the song and the performance at the opening ceremony. What Brits don't get is that with her knack for combining influences from wildly different cultures, she's actually a very good ambassador for the "all nations united" spirit of such sport events. I'm getting the impression though that the England fans don't give a s##t about this, they just want their team to win ...

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