Monday, March 13, 2023

the lynx effect

We are officially in the decade of ecosystem restoration and the top predators of a given ecosystem obviously have a role to play in that. However, reintroduction of carnivores like lynx, wolf and bear often faces fierce resistance from those humans who have usurped their roles of killing the herbivores.

A couple of new papers on the genetic health of Eurasian lynx populations in Europe served as the excuse to have a look at the situation of the typical carnivores of the northern latitudes and any attempts at reintroducing them.

The feature is out now:

Caring for carnivores

Current Biology Volume 33, Issue 5, 13. March 2023, Pages R159-R162

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The Eurasian lynx, although not endangered, is a keystone species missing from much of western Europe. (Photo: Nicky Pe/Pixabay.)

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