Friday, July 02, 2010

my double life at

Just updated my profile pages at and am still intrigued that I have separate identities as a reader / customer and as an author. I use the same username and password for both profiles, but the site doesn't make a connection, and the customer site regularly asks me to review my own books (based on the fact that I bought a few copies to be dispatched to friends directly from amazon).

Similarly, they haven't managed to get their head round the fact that I use amazon in four different countries (US, UK, D, F) both as an amazon associate and as a buyer, and in the UK also as a marketplace seller. (At one point they closed down my marketplace account in Germany, as it had the same password as the UK account, and apparently, the system no longer supported that. I would have had to sign up from scratch again with a new ID but didn't bother.)

Anyhow, I find it quite reassuring that I am still too complicated to be understood by the world's most successful online retailers, and long may it last ...

PS: I have to acknowledge, however, that the changes I made to my author profile on the US page today were swiftly passed on to the UK profile. So their computers do talk to each other ...

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