Monday, April 04, 2011

Temple Grandin

trailer of the Temple Grandin biopic, which was shown on UK satellite TV yesterday (and I missed it):

Grandin is a household name for everyone involved with autism, following her memoir Emergence: Labeled Autistic, published in the 90s, but I guess it is a good thing to bring this remarkable life story to a wider audience, which will help raise awareness of autism as well.

There was a feature about Claire Danes, who plays Grandin in the film, in last Saturday's Guardian, which also contained some info about the film and Grandin's story.

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Paul Halpern said...

I've heard that the biopic of Temple Grandin is excellent.

We met her at a book signing several years ago.

Coincidentally, my wife screened the film yesterday and conducted a discussion of it at the university where she works.

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