Friday, August 24, 2007

ecos magazine

In Germany, there is a magazine in easy Spanish for people learning the language, called ECOS (from spotlight publishers, who also publish magazines in English, French, Italian ... ). In February this year they ran a 6-page feature about Shakira, complete with cover (and a wild mix of pix from different photoshoots).

I've been waiting for this for years, and of course I missed it when it finally happened, so now I ordered the issue from the publishers, and they sent it without problems. You can order your own copy

It costs Eur. 5.50 plus postage.

The magazines are actually quite good, generally (we have a subscription of the French one, ecoute, and buy ECOS whenever someone happens to be in Germany and finds one). Explanations and vocabulary are given in German, though, so the mags are less useful for readers coming from a different language background. Shame this kind of thing doesn't seem to exist for English speaking people learning other languages ...

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